Meet the team

We have the best publicists in the business

In addition to possessing proven marketing skills, The Barrett Company publicists keep current on industry trends.The Barrett Company is a member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (The Oscars), The Academy of TV Arts and Sciences (Emmy Award), The Entertainment Publicists Professional Society, The Independent Publishers Association, The Publishers Association of Los Angeles, and The Southern California Book Publicists Society.

John Michaeli, Vice President

John Michaeli offers international and domestic public relations/communications expertise with a proven track record of developing, implementing and directing strategic marketing campaigns.

He is a crisis communications specialist, having served many studios and networks in dealing with a range of public issues in both personnel and product areas.

John has held senior management posts with PR agencies and companies in the entertainment, technology, new media, network TV and public relations industries, including Walt Disney Studios, Fox Family Channel, Warner Brothers, Pax TV and Hanna-Barbera, the renowned animation studio in Hollywood where he served as VP of Marketing.

He is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Jennifer Wilson

Senior film and television publicist Jennifer Wilson joined The Barrett Company from the United Kingdom, where she developed strategic media relations and marketing/publicity programs for a range of studio produced and independent films.

She has worked and been associated with the BBC, The Festival de Cannes/Cannes Film Festival, Pinewood Studios, The National Film Theatre/London and Titanic Studios, to mention just a few of her professional credits. Her TV credits include work with Granada Television and ITV Studios.

Jennifer attended Oxford University and also studied at the London Film School.

Steve Starger

Steve Starger is our publicist/press materials writer/editor. He has been a working journalist and freelance publicity writer for many years. His articles have appeared in The Hartford Courant, the Alexandria Gazette, Cash Box magazine, the Advocate newspapers, Art New England magazine, Connecticut Business magazine, Hartford Business Journal, and numerous small press magazines.

Steve is also a playwright and co-author of Wally’s World: The Brilliant Life and Tragic Death of Wally Wood, the World’s Second Best Comic-Book Artist. The 2006 book was a finalist for the prestigious Will Eisner Award, presented annually at Comic-Con.

Melissa Brown Levine

Melissa Brown Levine is a writer/editor with The Barrett Company. She wrote hundreds of book reviews for Independent Professional Book Reviewers from 2004 to 2013.

As a content writer, Melissa has written articles and business descriptions for HighBeam Research and Cengage Learning. During the last five years, Melissa has edited manuscripts for academic publishers, such as Routledge and W. W. Norton; small publishers, including Red Phoenix Books, Brighton Publishing, and Diversion Books; and indie writers.

Paula L. Johnson

Pasadena, California-based copywriter and designer Paula L. Johnson collaborates with The Barrett Company to create websites and microsites for clients and to coach The Barrett Company clients on setting up and using social media.