Our clients go on the record about our publicity results

The Barrett Company has worked with more than 500 authors, screenwriters, directors, producers, performers, publishers and production companies. Here is some fan mail from our files…

“Charlie, cheers to you for helping us make The Amazing Race the television hit it is!”
—Bertram van Munster, co-creator, director, producer
The Amazing Race on CBS

“Every time I walk into a book store and see my books, I am reminded of the great job you did for me.”
—Ken Nedd, M.D., author
 Power Over Stress and The Time to be Happy Is Now

“Thank you for inviting me to the American Cinematheque for the David Hemmings screening of Blow Up…the many, many media interviews, too.”
—John Daly, director and producer
Platoon, The Last Emperor, Hoosiers

“I never expected to be on ET and The Insider to talk about my book after only two days as a new client. My book sales have soared, and they’re robust.”
—Julie Sinatra, author
Under My Skin: My Father, Frank Sinatra

“The Julie Sinatra interview was stellar…thanks!”
—Bonnie Tiegel, Senior Producer

Entertainment Tonight and The Insider

“The TV and radio interviews, the social media marketing and the book signings for Afterimage were all created and handled so very professionally by your firm.”
—Carla Malden, screenwriter and author
AfterImage: A Brokenhearted Memoir of a Charmed Life

“And to think I got my own radio show American Voices after becoming a client…thanks for your hard work in making that happen.”
—Bobby Austin, radio host and author
Circus Clowns & Carnival Animals: Growing Up in the Ebb and Flow of Rural Black Life

“I had never hired a publicist before and was glad I decided on The Barrett Company. Their work helped me make a deal for a new book with Simon & Schuster.”
—Karen Koenig, therapist and author
The Food and Feelings Workbook: A Full Course Meal on Emotional Health

“Thanks for getting me and my book on Fox News.”
—Dr. Aaron Filler, M.D., neurosurgeon and author
Do You Really Need Back Surgery?

“I appreciate you alerting us about Gary Fong’s book, The Accidental Millionaire.”
—Layla Danley Producer

“I thoroughly recommend The Barrett Company for its professionalism and teamwork, and the many stellar book reviews for By Your Deeds. I cannot thank you enough.”
—Boston Teran, author

“Thanks, Charlie! With your help, Donovan Creed got a good launch…”
—John Locke, author of Lethal People and the Donovan Creed series—and the first self-published author to sell one million books on Kindle!