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The Barrett Company brings experience, creativity and media connections to your project

Entertainment publicity insider Charles Barrett launched The Barrett Company in 1991 as a full-service publicity and media relations agency to serve books/authors/publishers, television, and motion picture industry clients. Based in Los Angeles and generating media coverage around the world, The Barrett Company offers 21st-century publicity and media relations services to celebrities, authors, actors, directors, screenwriters, filmmakers as well as film and television producers.

Big results for brand names

Since its inception,The Barrett Company has served as publicists to such companies and celebrities as CBS, Simon & Schuster, ABC, Harper Collins publishers, Norton publishers, Paramount studios, Oxford University Press, PBS, Warner Brothers, American Movie Classics cable channel (Mad Men), Bravo, Life Time Television, NYU Press, Friesen Press in Canada, Fox Television Network, Little Brown publishers, CNN, self-published author service firms such as CreateSpace (Amazon), Xlibris, Author House and iUniverse as well as numerous celebrities from Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon to Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood, Robin Wright, Charlton Heston, Donald Sutherland, William Macy, Joe Mantegna, Jay Leno, Joan Rivers, Tatum O’Neal, Meg Ryan, Michael Caine & Roger Moore (with Jerry Pam), Tim Curry, Martin Landau, David Hemmings (Antonioni’s Blow Up) Robert Stack (The Untouchables), Rod Stewart, Oprah Winfrey (Oprah’s Big Give television series on ABC) and numerous others. The Barrett Company won the Hollywood Film Information Council Best Marketing Award for the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies with Roger Moore.

On the film festival circuit

The Barrett Company publicists have represented filmmakers at numerous and highly regarded film festivals — including The Cannes Film Festival, The New York Film Festival, The Hollywood Film Festival, The Sundance Film Festival, The Toronto Film Festival, The Sarasota Film Festival, and the San Diego World Film Festival. Charles Barrett personally introduced the world media to the inaugural Beverly Hills Film Festival in 2001 with director/author Henry Bromell’s film Panic with Donald Sutherland.

A variety of publicity and communications services

TBC’s experience, skills and knowledge in various professional publicity disciplines have enabled the company to offer programs we are proud of, including:

  • Book-to-Screen Adaptation Services
  • Press & Media Campaigns
  • Social Media & Branding Strategies
  • Television & Radio Appearances/Guest Bookings
  • New Company Launches, Start-Ups, Small Businesses, including Radio Networks (Desert Broadcasters LLC)
  • Trade Show Media Awareness at NATPE, MIP, Book Expo, Comic-Con, CinemaCon
  • Marketing Communications Solutions
  • Consultancy to in-house publicity firms in Publishing, Film, Television and Digital Entertainment Providers (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu)

Our publicists have decades of experience

Our publicists’ credits include films like John Wick, Godzilla, Everest, Skyfall, Cinema Paridiso, Cider House Rules, the Oscar winner Shakespeare in Love and Good Will Hunting, among many, many other pictures like The Field with Richard Harris. Also, TV marketing campaigns for TV debuts of films such as Insomnia with Al Pacino, No Country for Old Men, Reservoir Dogs, Unforgiven, Forrest Gump, Apocalypse Now, Last Tango in Paris, American Graffiti, The Conversation and Midnight Express. Celebrity authors works represented include John Patterson, Boston Teran, Dan Brown, John Irving, Michael Crichton, Joan Didion, John Locke, Sidney Sheldon, Jackie Collins and Judith Krantz.

In addition to possessing proven marketing skills, our publicists keep current on industry trends.The Barrett Company is a member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (The Oscars), The Academy of TV Arts and Sciences (Emmy Award), The Entertainment Publicists Professional Society, The Independent Publishers Association, The Publishers Association of Los Angeles, and The Southern California Book Publicists Society.

Creative campaigns that get results

Media outlets around the world count on the credibility and creativity of The Barrett Company publicists. We have developed remarkable and successful campaigns for our wide range of authors/publishers, Hollywood creatives, companies and celebrities. Our publicists possesses a keen awareness of the workings of the global media — including but not limited to print, broadcast and digital — and have demonstrated the ability to create stunning and effective media outreach models for valued clients, be they well established, or start-ups, or beginning careers as authors, radio networks, celebrities, filmmakers, streaming entertainment content providers and television producer-writers.

No assignment is too big or too small for our team of seasoned publicists. Find out what we can do for you by completing this brief form.