Film publicity

Boost your box office with expert publicity for filmmakers, actors, studios, distributors and movie theatre chains

The Barrett Company’s suite of publicity services offers our film-related clients unmatched professionalism and expertise in a wide range of media marketing and communications specialties. The global media is continually monitored by our staff as we look for opportunities to interject our clients’ news into their daily/weekly/monthly articles, specials and other coverage. Our contacts with key news decision makers, editors and producers, as well as global news wire services and social media via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the independent film bloggers, ensure that our clients have the best opportunities to attain media attention.

As professional publicists we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of professional and personal client service with campaigns that are designed for every need and budget.

We offer the following media outreach and media coverage services for filmmaker/motion picture production companies, those starring in films, for the film distributor and for movie theater chains.

  • Complete professional management of on-location development of publicity materials for a film in production from press kit contents, electronic press kits, photo coverage, interviews with stars, producers, writers, including any media visits to sets and locations
  • Support, consultation and evaluation to help screen personalities get the media coverage they deserve and want while appearing in a film or TV production
  • Placement of stories and interview bookings with cast and producers with leading newspaper, magazine and TV media outlets from USA Today, Today Show, Good Morning America, NY Times, People, ET, Show Biz Today and others in support of a film’s release
  • Pitching and arranging reviews of the film with key print, broadcast and online medias
  • Press conference creation and management in New York or Hollywood or the UK as well as at film festivals in US and overseas such as Cannes International Film Festival, London Film Festival, NY Film Festival and The Hollywood Film Festival
  • Setting up and managing screenings of the film in Hollywood for film critics, special interest groups for endorsements and to film festivals, prior to the film’s national release in theaters
  • Working in conjunction with such theatre chains as AMC, Cinemark USA, Carmike and Regal Entertainment Group theaters for regional and local promotions, advance screenings, and Red Carpet media support for openings, star and producer appearances
  • Arranging invitations for screen personalities at Hollywood and New York fund-raisers to aid cancer research, children in need, animal rescue and to boost groups working to keep America “green”

A few of our film industry clients

Our work in films goes back to the early 1990s with the Joe Mantegna film Homicide and the Oscar campaign for actor Richard Harris’ The Field, followed by our creation of the Oscar Nominated Animation Short Film program that played major cities from California to New York.

We have worked with producer-writer John Daly who earned numerous Oscar nominations for such films as Platoon, Hoosiers, The Last Emperor and The Terminator. For MGM, The Barrett Company secured numerous film awards for the MGM James Bond franchise, including Tomorrow Never Dies.

We also created and managed a special retrospective showing of the films of director William Wellman (Wings, The High and the Mighty) in Los Angeles as well as working with Hollywood’s American Cinematheque for its presentation of a summer film festival honoring British classic movies such as Blow Up with David Hemmings.

Other films we are proud to have been associated with include The Fighter, It’s Complicated, The Kids are Alright, Million Dollar Baby, Insomnia, The Bourne Identity and Kevin Costner’s Ever Again, among many, many others. The Barrett Company has served filmmakers at a wide variety of film festivals, including The Cannes Film Festival, The New York Film Festival, The Hollywood Film Festival, The Sundance Film Festival, The Toronto Film Festival, The Sarasota Film Festival, and the San Diego World Film Festival.

The Barrett Company managed press and media coverage for premieres and releases with distributors Rocky Mountain Pictures and Cinema Management Group.

We introduced the world media to the inaugural Beverly Hills Film Festival in 2001 with director/author Henry Bromell (Panic with Donald Sutherland).

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