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Are you an author or publisher, looking for a professional book publicist?
Are you a TV producer, actor or filmmaker, seeking a television or film publicist?

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bookAs an award-winning Los Angeles, California headquartered publicity firm, we are known by the global media as top publicists in our specialized fields as a creative and experienced book, television, and film publicity company. We specialize in complete and integrated publicity services for authors/publishers, film studios, filmmakers, television networks, actors and other screen personalities and television creator-producers.

With more than 20 years of success, our publicity company is unique among today’s publicity firms in our wide-ranging areas of experience and expertise.  The Barrett Company has accepted many and varied challenges, creating and launching successful publicity, promotion and marketing campaigns in publishing/books, TV and film industries worldwide.


Our professional and experienced book, TV and film publicists get our clients coverage with the world's top media outlets from USA Today to Sunday New York Times review of books to Forbes to Agency France-Presse.


We have shaped and built visibility and awareness for our varied clients
in key media outlets including:

NBC's Today show, Publishers Weekly, The Sunday New York Times review of books, USA Today, The Guardian (UK), De Telegraaf (Netherlands), The Australian, Variety, Oprah/Own Network, The Hollywood Reporter, Huffington Post,, Forbes, Entrepreneur,, TheWrap.Com, Show Biz Tonight, Book List, ABC Radio Network, CNN, New York Post, AP, Los Angeles Times, The Times of London, Agence France-Presse, CBS' The Early Show, Google News, Cable Radio Network, Television Week magazine, Dr. Phil, Wall Street Journal, People, Entertainment Weekly, The Insider, Town & Country magazine, Vanity Fair, Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC and ABC's Good Morning America, among many, many other local, regional and national media outlets in print, radio, television and the emerging digital/online medias.

Our publicists are always working for you.

  • Our book, television and film publicists communicate daily with all forms of global media in the USA, Canada, the UK, portions of Asia and other English speaking nations. This means we are always prepared to put our clients before the media to tell their story.

  • Our book publicity efforts have:
    • resulted in significant boosts for book sales,
    • created best sellers and
    • fostered new relationships for our author clients with the media.

  • Our focused and determined work as top Hollywood publicists has resulted in our actors, studio and TV network clients obtaining much greater visibility, impressive box office earnings, increased ratings as well as new and challenging roles in TV and film productions.

  • Our professional publicist's celebrity clients have graced the covers of many magazines and appeared on the most popular radio & TV shows in the US and overseas.

We are a full service publicity and media relations firm.

Our web site contains our company information — our publicist experience, varied services, proud accomplishments and publicist team members as well as a sampling of our premium clients and the media attention we've garnered for them. The Barrett Company is based in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the United States.

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