President Geo. Washington Descendant Austin Washington Writing Book On President Trump

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Our first President George Washington’s great-nephew, Austin Washington, is penning a book on President Trump, he revealed to us today. Austin has been a client of The Barrett Company in recent years upon releasing his earlier book THE EDUCATION OF GEORGE WASHINGTON.  More details on Austin’s “Trump book” as he calls it will be released shortly by our firm.

In his earlier book…Our First President’s Secret Moral Guide: George Washington’s true model for ethics and principles revealed by his great nephew, Austin Washington. George Washington is arguably the most revered figure in American history. In The Education of George Washington: How a Forgotten Book Shaped the Character of a Hero (Regnery; Hardcover) George Washington’s life is revealed as never before—by none other than George Washington’s great nephew, Austin Washington. While there are many volumes dedicated to chronicling George Washington’s life, there is a missing component—that Austin Washington shares.

 The Education of George Washington explains how this new discovery shaped our first president and uncovers Washington’s true model of conduct, honor, and leadership. The book includes the actual document—overlooked for centuries— that George Washington used to transform his life from a poorly educated child of a widowed mother, to the influential and inspiring figure he is remembered as today.

Austin Washington earned his masters and did post-graduate research focusing on colonial American history, and is a writer, musician, entrepreneur and global traveler. He returns to an old West Virginia family home whenever he can.


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